Friday, June 13, 2008

Celebrate Recovery

Hi, I'm Kaci, I WAS an addict, but the sweet love of Jesus Christ has set me free!

Our recovery ministry starts tonight, please send up a prayer. Here I am and my sweet husband and I will be leading small groups in a recovery ministry. God is so good!

God brought us out of that deep pit of despair, so many times in my life I have asked God, "Why would You do that? Why didn't You just leave me to my sin? I turned away from You, how could You still love me?" Now I get an answer, so He can use me to save others from the same hell. So I can be a helpmeet to a man who has known the same darkness. To share the story of His saving Grace with a lost and dying world.

When you seek His face today, please lift up the Celebrate Recovery team at Fellowship Baptist Church, Borger. Please lift up those souls who God brings in the door. Please lift up those who are compelled to come but stand in their disobedience.

Thank you for your love, encouragement and prayers.

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