Thursday, December 22, 2011

Are Kindle's Safe for kids?

I love to read, always have. My kids love to read, I thank God for that. Every Christmas, they want books, that brings me joy. Last Christmas I got "Code Talkers" for Austin, he loved it, still talks about it. That makes me smile.

So this year when we were considering getting them Kindles, I researched parental controls...NONE. The children can get on the internet if it is connected to a network and there is no way to secure that. Most parents also add the child's Kindle to their own account, which is connected to their credit card, which allows you to purchase content - any content - with one simple click.

While one-click purchasing is great and convenient for me, I would like to make sure my kid can't just buy $400 worth of books and magazines on a whim. So here's my solution to parental control on my minor children's Kindles for Christmas.

I set each of the kids up their own email address just for the Kindle on gmail and set them to forward to my email address. I signed each of the kids up for their own account using that email address. I got each child an Kindle gift card and set that card as the payment method for their Kindle. So when that $$ is gone, they're done. They will be able to save their money and buy their own gift cards, receive gifts cards as gifts, or anyone with an account may "gift" them books. So if they would like me or their father to buy them a book, we can do that and "gift" it to them.

Also, anything that they purchase or download for free, it sends an email to their email address. That email comes to my email so I know what they just got. Then, since I have the only password to their account, if I don't approve of the book they just bought, I can return the book for a refund, or simply delete it. I also don't give my kids my internet code, so to get on the network, they have to give me their Kindle to connect it and I turn the wireless off and tell the Kindle to forget the connection when I am done. So no browsing without me, and they know I check Histories.

So, although Amazon doesn't offer any type of set "Parental Control" this parent has taken control and given the given of digital literature! Merry Christmas, friends!


The Hamptons said...

My 10 year old son wants to get a Kindle, so the information you posted was very helpful--thank you! :) God bless!

Kaci Lusk said...

I am so glad it helped someone!!

Nicole said...

That's great idea!! My daughter is only 5 but she already loves books. I'm sure though by the time she can read on her own there will be several new things out by then! lol

Found you through an old sewing forum :)