Monday, November 14, 2011

Over The Top

Oh my goodness, did I have a great weekend!!! I had second row seats to an amazing experience with God! 

Thanks to the fine folks at Thomas Nelson Publishers, I received two tickets to the Women of Faith, Over the Top conference in OKC this weekend. Not only did I get to take part in some amazing worship, hear a great Word from the Father, but I spent some quality time with one of my closest friends, Sharon. 

I also got to hear one of my all time favorite artists, live, from the second row:

 Amy Grant, still serving Him, still wonderful and beautiful after all this time. I had this song on, ask your moms what that is.

We also heard some amazing and uplifting words from women who have lived lives just like ours, know hurt just like ours, and have found healing in a God who loves us so big that it can be felt, seen and heard.

Here are some pictures of the speakers:

Each of the ladies above touched my life this weekend, taught me something, or gave me something I could take with me as I left the arena and began a new Over the Top life. 

This last picture is the beautiful worship team.

Their CD, Rejoice, is my net review from Thomas Nelson Publishers, I promise, it's a must have for your collection. Besides, it's great for the drive to any Woman of Faith event.

Speaking of events, here are some for you, just click the picture for the website:

Awesome music, straight-talking messages, drama, and a ton of fun combine for an event just for teen girls:

Next Year's Tour:

I am trying to organize a group for next year's Celebrate Event in OKC. The kick off of the tour in August. If you're interested in going and getting group pricing, please email me or leave a comment.

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