Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wedding Dress: The Little Things

For those of you who are joining me because you are also making (or thinking about making) your own wedding gown, I thought I would highlight some of the little touches that make your handmade gown personal. Today I have found something small, but oh so memorable. The label.

Designer dresses, of course, have the label that states the designer, the dress style, etc. But what about your dress? Monde Design gives this history of the wedding dress label: In the 20’s and 30’s, couture gown designers started designing personalized labels for their clients, and attaching them inside the gowns. Now brides can use this special touch to make wedding gowns truly their own. When the tradition of labels for wedding gowns started, it was seen as the last time a bride would use her maiden name. So the bride’s full maiden name and wedding date were sewn into the gown.

In their Etsy Store and on their website, Monde Design offers many styles and sizes to choose from, all completely personalized. They even offer custom embroidered hankies for the father and mother of the bride.

I like this idea because I believe it may make the dress more special as an heirloom. Future wearers of the gown may opt to have their own labels made and sewn into my gown to commemorate their big day as well.

I plan to sew the label into my gown as a pocket leaving a place for mementos. Inside the pocket I will have a hankie that Monde Design is going to make for me, telling the story of the gown. This way future generations will know the background of the dress and can also leave their own tokens for the next generation.

If you decide to do something like this with your handmade gown, I would just love it if you would leave your idea in a comment for others to read.

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IowaHoodlum said...

Here's what I embroidered into the lining of my dress foundation: The blog post is at I hadn't really planned to do anything like it until I got my new machine, but now I'm so glad I did. Can't wait to see others', and I am very interested in learning more about your custom hankie. Love the pocket idea.