Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Self-Esteem Makeover Challenge - Week 4 Day 2

Hello friends, I pray that today finds you blessed! Today's exercise is going to be a challenge for many. Most of us with self-esteem problems can create a list a mile long with things that are bad about us, and have a difficult time thinking of things about ourselves that we are thankful for.

Today's challenge is two-fold. The first part is that you are going to write a letter to God, thanking Him for your life and for the wonderful things that He created about you. Try to list at least two or three specific things. The second part is to write yourself a thank you letter. Try to list at least two or three things here that you are thankful to yourself for.

Are you thankful that you are punctual? Or maybe that you are neat and tidy? Are you thankful that you are thoughful of others? These would be things you could list.

I pray that this challenge is not too difficult for you and look forward to seeing you tomorrow with a thankful heart.

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