Friday, January 22, 2010

Self-Esteem Makeover Challenge - Week 2 Day 5

Today is celebration day! I am so glad that you are here!! Today we are celebrating change…changing negative behaviors to be exact. That was our goal this week, to change one negative behavior.

We learned that one of the keys to changing negative behavior is accountability. We learned that we had to make a conscious choice to change our behavior. We also learned that we need to make sure we don’t have a negative countenance and that we should uplift our friends.

Did you take the time to write yourself a love letter? Did it help you to see some value in yourself that you may not have taken notice of before? I hope so.

You are a wonderful person and you are the only one who can do the things that God created you to do. Today’s challenge is an easy one. Write down two things you did this week to change a negative behavior.

Be joyful today, have a great weekend and please, join us back here on Monday!

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