Monday, January 18, 2010

Self-Esteem Makeover Challenge - Day 5

I told you I was a fruit loop. Because I was silly and started on Tuesday instead of Monday, and because I don't blog on the weekends, you never got day 5 (except for my wonderful friends at the Pit Stop who get the print version a week at a time...hi girls!). So I will post Day 5 this morning and day 1 of week 2 this afternoon.

Celebration day! Hooray! The best way to meet goals is to celebrate the small successes. Now, be careful how you celebrate. If you are celebrating losing 10 pounds, you don’t want to do that by wolfing down a half a chocolate sheet cake and a gallon of fudge ripple. Balance, remember is the key here. We are learning to find balance in our lives so that we can appreciate ourselves.

We learned on Monday that we are of great worth to God. On Tuesday, we buried Can’t. We have rid our lives of that vile creature, nevermore to return. On Wednesday, we did something to build up someone around us. We built our self-worth by serving another. Then finally, on Thursday, we realized that we need an attitude adjustment and prayed for God to help us create that change.

Today we will practice accepting that we are worthwhile by creating a list. I’m not a list-maker by nature but I have a friend, Kim, who lives in lists. I learned this from her. Today’s challenge is to list three to five things that you did this week that are worthwhile. I promise, you can do this. Everyone has done at least three things this week that are worth mentioning. I am not asking you to publish this list in a local paper, just make it for you, not anyone else.

Here is my list:

1. I started a blog to help me and my friends to learn to love ourselves.
2. I did not leave any dishes in the dishwasher for more than one hour after it was done.
3. I wrote a note to my friend and brightened her day.
4. I helped a friend.
5. I volunteered at my church on a building project.

Your list will be wonderful, I am sure of it. Let it make you smile today!

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