Monday, December 7, 2009

My Weekend

I pray that you all had a great weekend! Mine was very nice. Our good friends Keith and Michelle and their kids came by. My friend Sandi reminded us once again that we are loved. My husband installed the new microwave and we got a Christmas tree.

Saturday morning is generally a time for us. Its our weekly breakfast at JT's. I have come to look forward to it all week long. Its a time when we don't have to get fancied up, we just go, eat breakfast and spend some nice time together. No one is in a hurry, its just sweet.

Then was the microwave. This task included several trips to the hardware store, some McGuyver type thinking and the help of our friend Keith. Because of a brace inside the upper cabinet, the microwave had to be moved out about a quarter inch from the wall, so my very smart husband had to devise a plan to make the happen and the microwave still be safely secured to the wall. All I know is that it included a couple of large washer, some toggle bolts and 1/4 inch thick nuts. Here he is, working so hard, I am so blessed!

Our friends showed up while we were working on this, I always love having company. It was nice, too that Keith could help hold the microwave for Vaughn, it was kind too high for my short self to be of much help.

Then we went to Amarillo to Home Depot and got a pretty little fat tree. I love fat Christmas trees. I love real Christmas trees. I really love Christmas. We came home and set up the tree.

We gave it a day to drink up some water and for the branches to relax from being bound up during transport. Then last night, we turned on the Christmas music and decorated the tree.

I can't wait to have my kids home for Christmas. They won't be here until the 26th, but that will be our Christmas this year.

This is my favorite time of the year! If I can pray for you, please let me know.

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