Friday, August 21, 2009

Mi Abuelo

See right there in the middle, right under me? That guy in the red shirt and black hat. That's a very special man. That's my Grandpa Lauriano. My aunt brought him to Amarillo last week for a visit and he wanted to see his grandkids and thier kids and spend some time with us all. My Tia Becky took this picture. We're not all here, my kids are at their dads, two of my brothers and one of my sisters is missing, along with KK, Harley, Angela, Serina and Uncle Brijido's new baby.

Grandpa had a major health problem earlier this year. I am blessed to even be in his presence, as I got a phone call at 10:00 that night saying that he wouldn't make it through the night. We are all thankful that he is here with us at all. It was also neat that he was telling stories in English. He speaks Spanish most of the time, but was telling some pretty funny stories, and in English.

Anyway, it was a pretty awesome visit. It reminded me of many Christmases and Thansgivings and birthday parties when I was little and our whole family was right here together. I miss you all so very much!!


Becky Dietz said...

So do you speak Spanish? I just wondered since you said he told his stories in English.

Kaci Lusk said...

I speak very little. When I was little bitty, I spoke it very well, but like anything else, lack of use....

I can understand alot more than I can speak.