Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Painting Has Begun!!

This isn't by any means the finished product. But its a very good start. This is one of the walls in the bedroom. This wall used to have a window in it. The base coat is a light purple. It will have a dark purple glaze and white trim. I found a bed at Wal-Mart that I would love to have to go in there, its white metal frame and is only $179!! Of course then we will need mattresses, but I REALLY like this bedframe! Vaughn is anxious to see the walls with the glaze on them. This is all so very exciting. Being able to do what we want in this house and truly make it our very own.

If you live in Borger and aren't part of our small group then you may not have gotten the email that sweet Sandi sent out. We will be painting on Thursday night and everyone is invited to come, especially if you like to cut in, because Sandi and I, well we really don't enjoy the cutting in.

I'm not sure yet which room I like the most, but I really think its the front room. I got the pitcher in the picture today. It's not as big as I thought it was, but it was only $3 so I'm not that upset. Let me explain the background for this set here. When we bought the house, a friend of ours called. She said, "Kaci, a friend of mine has a sofa she needs to get rid of and I thought of you." So I called the lady and we go to pick up this sofa. The sofa is ten years old but has never been sat on (upon?). Conkling would kill me for not knowing the proper grammatical way to end that sentence. While we're picking up the sofa, the woman comes in with a lamp, some plate hangers and several antique plates and asks if I want them.

You see, I am going with an antique theme in the front room. Since the house was built in 1920, I am really shooting to try to capture that in there. I have a beautiful antique armoire (that my sister tried to get from me), some books and a radio that were left in the house for me by the previous owner's children. In my mind, I already have the room set up, including a tea set out of this china pattern...a tea set that I don't have yet. I plan to order it one piece at a time from eBay. So if you're yard sailing or flea market shopping and you see a teapot or cups and saucers with this pattern, holler at me. The stamp on the bottom should read "Royal China, Doorn". Oh yeah, and if you have any old books, I LOVE books!!

So that's an update on the house. Before and afters will hopefully be coming very soon!!

Thank you so much to all of our friends who have helped along the way. The guys who crawled through the attic and ran wiring, Mike for helping with the plumbing, my paint helpers, Brad and Katie, for everything you do for us and for everyone who prayed!! Thank you!

If I can pray for you, please let me know!


Jocelyn said...

If you want old books, come down to Amarillo for the Friends of the Library booksale. You can get tons of neat old books. I'll let you know when the sale is so you can come.

Kaci Lusk said...

Awesome thanks! I used to go to those every year, but since I don't live there anymore, I never know when it is.