Thursday, May 7, 2009

House, Gardens, Updates

It's been a minute since I've posted, so I thought I would post an update. God is just doing some amazing things in our lives. It is just raining blessings. I can't begin to express how very blessed we feel.

The gardens at Mom's house have become quite beautiful. My sister-in-law is bringing over some more flowers this evening. I look forward to spending some time with her planting them. We don't spend much time together and she really is a beautiful person and I just am so excited for this time. I took some before pictures and I'll will post some afters very soon.

Our house. Well, its coming along quite nicely. All the windows are in, all the sheetrock is in except for in my closet, which may happen today, Mike S. is going to Amarillo today to get the final necessities for the plumbing to be finished and Vaughn is about ready to start mudding today! This is such an exciting point to be at. I realize that there are a few big projects left after mud, but really they are not all that time consuming. The ladies at the church have offered to help paint (YAY!), The floors I don't think will be difficult to sand and finish, Aaron is going to help Vaughn build the kitchen cabinets (thank you Aaron!) and we have already found most of the furniture we needed. We DO still need a black gas stove, black refrigerator, and a queen or king sized bedroom set. We are looking for used items and my sister keeps checking the Habitat for Humanity Restores, but black appliances are dang hard to find. So if you come across one in good condition (and you live in the Panhandle area) please holler at me?

Jazz, my new Conure, he's a precious boy. He chats alot, just chatter that no one can understand, but he does say, "Pretty boy", "no bite" and he loves to laugh, not just any laugh, mind you, MY laugh. Its pretty darn funny.

Thanks for hangin out with me a minute. If I can pray for you, please let me know.

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