Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gardening with Jazz

Last night Vaughn was working in Booker. Vaughns and Dusty (Vaughn's puppy) were entertaining the nice folks at City Hall in Booker. Well, Vaughn was working and Miss Dusty gnawed with her tiny little razor sharp puppy teeth on everyone who entered the building. Most places would file charges on the man for having a dog in City Hall, much less one who decided that every patron of the facility was her own personal chew toy, but this is small town Texas, so as we rednecks do...they thought it was funny. (I'll post some pics of the Dusty girl soon.)

Anyway, I digress. While my beloved and his canine companion provided entertainment for the town of Booker, TX, My bird and I planted gardens. His wings are clipped, so I can have him with me outside without worrying about him flying away. Soon, I will have to have them clipped again, as he is molting and has pin feathers on his flight wings, meaning they are growing back. I have a flight harness but have heard that they are dangerous. I don't want anything to happen to our new family member.

I will post pictures of the new gardens in a few days when its done raining. I have some great before, during and (will have) afters. But yesterday evening, we got the flowers planted. Some of our friends brought contributions to our garden and I bought some flowers. I plan to buy some veggies this weekend.

Here are some great pictures that I got of Jazz while we were planting.

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