Monday, January 19, 2009


I am still getting better, back at work today and feel the need to blog. My picture today is of Champ. This guys appears to have been dumped in Bunavista and really needs a loving home! He has a place temporarily with the Baker family, but these folks have 5 dogs already and this guy needs some One-on-One.

Here is a little more info on Champ:

Age: about 2 years old

Gender: un-neutered male

Temperament: We have seen him around a child and he was very gentle and just gave kisses. He does not appear shy or aggressive at all. He has barked at other dogs, but will ignore them if it means love from people or treats. We have been around him with food and have seen no food aggression, we have picked him up, crated him, as well as walked him, etc. He does not pull on the leash and has only been loving. We are not sure how he is around other dogs and cats.

Health: The Baker's took him to the vet on Friday and he was checked over. They did a fecal sample since there was blood in his stool. They found hook worm eggs and he was treated for that as well as having colitis, which I was informed was just due to stress and again he is being treated. The vet gave him his rabies shot as well as DHLPP. It does appear he may have been hit by a car and has lost about 4-5 inches on his tail and does have a few bumps and scratches on his back legs. There does not appear to be any severe damage or health concerns, but the vet does say that the new owner may want to have his tail docked a little shorter to keep him from hitting it when wagging.

We are happy to provide all documents we have on him and to answer any questions that we can. Please let us know if you need any other information. Home visit will be made before this dog is placed. Serious inquiries only please.

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