Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our House

Well the house is coming along. It is kinda stopped for the moment because we've been working on a house for a lady in our town who had a fire. But I wanted to share some of the before pictures:

We don't know when we will be able to move in, as you can see it will take some work. The hardwood is in good shape, Praise God, so it will only have to be sanded.

The first picture is Vaughn taking out a wall between the front room and what was a bedroom and will be a living room. The second and third pictures are the front room, from different views. That last picture is the gutted bathroom. Vaughn took out everything except for the tub.

The second row, first three pictures are the kitchen (and my friend Judy in the third one, thank you so much Judy & JR for helping us), it's honkin huge!!! The last picture in that row is the bedroom that will be the living room.

The first two pictures on the last row show the way the house was when we got it. Stuff was just everywhere!! Vaughn and JR took over 3000 pounds of trash to the dump...craziness! We've been cleaning.The first picture is the bedroom that will become the master bedroom. The second picture is the basement that will become a utility room/craft room, a rec room and two bedrooms. That third picture in the last row is the basement bathroom, that place will take alot of work, but I'm excited to make it pretty. And, as you can see, the last picture is the basement steps.

Most of all, I just want to thank God for this wonderful gift He has given us. As Joel Osteen says, "its just raining!" And I praise Him for it, His wonderful blessings are just raining down in our lives. We are so thankful!!

What do you have to be thankful for today??

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TheShermanFam said...

WOW!! 3000 lbs of trash! That is A LOT of trash...and A LOT of work to get it all out! I hope you update your house remodel frequently...can't wait to see what you guys do!!