Monday, March 31, 2008


We fall, we break, we fall apart. How can we not? This flesh is temporary. It is a manifestation of temporary. Can we heal, truly? NO. Only God can take this pain, this brokenness and make it whole. Only the Creator of our hearts can take them when they are wholly broken and make them WHOLE in HIM once more. So what happens? How can someone who walks, talks, lives - appears to breathe the Word - fall? BECAUSE WE ARE FLESH! What is the cure for me? God. Only God. What is "me"? "Me," according to Webster's is an OBJECT. Is that what God says I am? NO! I am precious. The first time I was called "Precious" (as a proper noun) was summer before last. I had no idea the power that word had until someone used it in place of my name. But that's who I am. The sooner I accept that, the sooner I can chase this demon away. Demon? Oh my gosh! Did she just say she could chase a demon away? Yes, I have a demon in me. Her name is depression. Once I called her dragon. A fierce, fire-breathing demon that chased away every element of hapiness. The sun could not shine in my life, for the dragon would blot out every ounce of light it could put forth until it burned itself out. The heat of its ugly torment was so hot that it rained in my life constantly. The only way my world kept spinning was the torrential rain that calmed the fear and doubt, drowning me in self-pity and sorrow. The demon would breathe its fire and burn my skin and I would cry out, only to find myself once again in the rain, or wallowing in the mud. Praise GOD that He found me there. There is no dark too dark and no pit too deep that He can't find me and pull me out. I AM NEVER ALONE! My God has pulled me out of the darkness, He has taught me to chase the dragon away, and set a Son in the sky so bright that the rain dares not to show its hideous face any longer. I have found joy, happiness and love! I have found a safe place, a sanctuary, a refuge! I have victory, GOD HAS VICTORY IN ME!! I REFUSE TO HURT ME ANY LONGER. MY GOD HAS SET ME FREE!

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